Lunch Spot: Lundi

Lundi_leidenMy boyfriend and I have a favourite new lunch spot in Leiden: Lundi. It’s a cozy little restaurant and café located near the central train station (perfect for all your Amsterdammers coming to town).

“Lundi” stands for “lunch and dinner” – though we’ve only been for lunch ourselves, the experience has been fantastic. The restaurant is known for its French cuisine, but at lunch they also serve up luxe “broodjes” (sandwiches) which are a bit more special than your classic bread and cheese.

My favourite dish is an open-faced sandwich with coppa ham, tomato tapendade, poached egg and parmesan cheese – it’s heaven in every bite. I also love a farmer’s sandwich with walnut crumble, pear chutney, raisins and thyme. My boyfriend tends to opt for the grilled teriyaki tuna or smoken mackerel.

The restaurant is casual and unpretentious (though the dinner menu itself is quite fancy). If the sun is shining, you can stop by for lunch on its terrace boat, and enjoy views of the nearby harbour.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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