A Dose of Colour

They look like big happy pills in a jar, but these are nailpolishes! A dose of colour to cheer you up.

Jane Schub is the founder of Dose, and she claims to have ‘a coloured and wacky view of the world and what surrounds her’, which resulted in 6 sets of nailpolishes, grouped in different colour families. So there are the ‘Black Beauties’ with metallic and greys, or ‘The Blues’, a trio of blue shades.

Only one coat of polish is sufficient to provide your nails with a deep, saturated colour, due to the high percentage of colour pigment (40%-60%) they contain.

And that’s not all, aside from the super-cute pill packaging, the polishes are long-lasting, eco friendly and completely free of formaldehyde, toluene and DPB (dibutyl phthalate).

The ‘happy pill polishes’ have only recently been launched worldwide, and they are already exclusively available at COSMANIA.

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