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Saturday inspiration

Reading a nice quote every now and then can be a great inspiration.

Wise words can make you feel stronger and more confident, be an eye-opener, or just help you realize what truly matters.

Do you remember Dumbo the elephant? He wanted to fly with his big ears, but he couldn’t. Then a friendly mouse told him that holding a feather would make him capable of flying. Dumbo believed it, and.. He flew!

Skills and talent are important in achieving success, but you’ll get nowhere if you don’t have guts, belief and perseverance to go with it. You shouldn’t be afraid, just be ‘crazy’ (stand out from the crowd) and go for it. Be confident, or keep convincing yourself that you are.

When I started my publishing company at the age of 22, some people said: “She’s too young, she doesn’t have the experience… She’s crazy!” Maybe I was, but it worked out pretty well for me so far.

I still believe I will succeed in achieving my goals. And if I occasionally start to doubt that, I remember myself that guts and craziness got me this far. Nothing can stop me, and because I think I can succeed, I will go for it one hundred percent.

Will you succeed? Yes, because you’re crazy enough to think you can!

Text: Danielle Meester


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  1. Pamela september 30, 2012

    Awesome! you Really Inspire me, I really want my blogs to grow and start my own Styling company and get my books PUBLISHED!
    somedays I feel so down and this has helped me! :D Thank you! :)

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