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Digitalistic Beauty Resort

In for a little bit of Zen in your life?

Try the Katerina Resort in Czech where you sleep in the middle of the Czech highlands well known for its healing water, clean air and beautiful surrounding. During your stay you can choose from many different spa- , therapeutic- and cosmetic treatments and many massages.  There are various packages to choose: from Relaxation and Anti Cellulite to Revitalizing and Lymphatic therapy, not to mention the Brussels Chocolate Massage! Planning a visit with your love? There are also For Him treatments available.

Digi E. tried the world famous Chakra Massage which is well know for its healing power for body and mind. Your body counts seven chakra’s which are all related to the harmonic activity of the organism. Hot lava stones will get rid off bad influences in your body with the help of an ayurvedic massage. Digi E. thought it was a little bit too spiritual but found out later the Chakra Massage was right about one vulnerability in her body: after the massage all chakra’s were in harmony except for one. But still she prefers a nice sport massage the next time because her muscles we’re cravings for some action.

During your stay in the Katerina Resort you can do lots of other activities such as horse riding, dogsled riding (!!), yoga, pilates, zumba and tennis. Find more info in here



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