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If you spend money to have your hair dyed, it’s worth investing in quality products to extend your colour treatment. Using normal shampoo on dyed hair doesn’t preserve or enhance the colour, plus can lead to fading, discolouration and dryness.

Luckily, haircare gurus at Ojon have designed a solution to combat these risks while helping your colour last. The Colour Sustain collection is complete with a shampoo, conditioner, protecting cream and finishing hair spray that will hydrate and add shine to hair while boosting colour tones. Using these products will seal in colour for 40 washes!

The shampoo and conditioner lock-in dye while giving hair a richer texture (thanks to added sunflower seed oil and coconut extracts). Meanwhile, Tahitian Monoi Oil shields colour from fading while protecting from sun and environmental factors. Plus Ojon’s best-kept secret formula, Ojon Oil, is rich in essential lipids that penetrate deep into hair shafts to repair and seal cuticles.

Once you’ve cleaned your locks, style using Ojon’s Colour Protect Cream. This glossy, nourishing cream will prevent fading while detangling and smoothing. It smells lovely (think sweet Neroli, monoi oil and violet leaf) and protects again damages of styling with blow-dryers and flat-irons.

Alternatively, apply a few pumps of the Gloss Finishing Hairspray to damp hair after washing. The spray will weightlessly hold hair in place while enhancing vibrancy and extending colour.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz



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