Backstage @ Samsonite

Digi E. went backstage at Samsonite’s HQ and factory in Belgium.

You can read the showcase report in here. Scroll down for the backstage photo report.

Smile! Pr lady Martina, Willem (JFK), Kelly (Jackie), Paul (National Geographic), Marloes (TravelValley) and Floor (Metro Mode)


Good way to kick off a new day
Lunch break

Vintage suitcases


New IT-glasses...


Testing process


Suitcases are beaten up...


The factory


The factory


Off to the Atomium


With Samsonite's PR lady Martina


Heavenly stracciatella mousse...


Some sight seeing


Waiting for the shuttle buses which will take us to our once in a lifetime opportunity...


A dinner in the sky!!


Note: Digi E. can't handle champagne. But this really is her second glass in 5 minutes time....
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