A day with Samsonite

Digi E. went to Brussels to visit the Samsonite headquarters. An interesting journey in the factory of world’s leading luggage brand with an digitalistic ending….

Together with a bunch of other journalists from all over the world she traveled to Belgium’s capital to take a peek in the heart of Samsonite. The brand – named after the biblical figure Samson which was known for his strength –  offers a wide range of lightweight suitcases and business, casual and personal accessory products in many colors, fabrics and shapes (which we LOVE for years: less weight = more clothes to shop!).

You can shop for example the Firelite, Cubelite and Cosmolite suitcases (cabin or regular sized), travel accessories such as wallets, beauty cases and umbrella’s, business products such as laptop bags on wheels and of course the casual and women’s handbag collection. We are also very fond of the kids collection.

Samsonite's showcase in the Atomiom, Brussels
Samsonite's showcase in the Atomiom, Brussels

Did you know that…
1. Samsonite ‘beats up’ their own products to test if they really are undestroyable, water and weather proof. Yes, they even place suitcases in the refrigerator and ‘oven’.
2. Samsonite uses Curve® material to make their cases shockproof and lightweight. It’s also been used in the sports industry to make leg protectors, surf and kite boards. Samsonite is the only manufacturer in the luggage world which may use this special material.
3. An employee finishes – with his own hands! – 50-80 suitcases a day.
4. The cabin sized spinner 55 weights less than a bottle of water (1.9 kilo!).
5. 25-39 trucks pick up 17500-30.000 pieces a day at the factory
6. Samsonite has 10.000 delivery points in Europe
7. The Firelite suitcases are inspired by race cars.

After an interesting day Digi E took her entrance to the sky. Literally! The ‘Bubbles in the sky’-experience was one to remember for a very long time. Drinking champagne and eating delicious bites at 55 meters from the ground with an amazing view on Brussels.

View Digi E’s backstage photo report in here.




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