Organized Chaos

Create your own work space at home.

To be honest, Digi E doesn’t know how to handle her desk, at home or at the office. Somehow she only creates chaos instead of a logical chaos. But if she looks at the picture above, she realizes it isn’t that difficult. Some tips and tricks to create ‘organized’ chaos.

1. Are you a person who’s very unorganized in your head? Try to paint the walls blue. It gives you peace, opens up your mind and it stimulates your sense of music and art. Blue is also the color of limitlessness.
2. Don’t throw your mess all over your desk, but use a pin board for memo’s, cards, photographs etc etc. A very handy way to NOT lose things.
3. Not that much into pin-boards and memo’s? Paint your wall in chalk to write your doodles. Looks even better.
4. Isn’t your interior big enough for your own office? Create something that you can store at night, but can use at daytime. Like a suitcase (see image), or a built-in closet. After your working day is finished, you can close the door and say goodbye to your ‘office’. Very handy for those who can’t say goodbye to their jobs in the weekend. Yes, there’s life after work!

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