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Beauty Buy: Annayake Fluide Matifiant

Now that the sun is (finally!) shining and spring is in the air, you might be noticing a change in your skin; it can be a tough transition to adjust from dry and damp winter to warmer weather.

If you’re finding your skin oilier than normal this time of year, try Annayake’s Fluide Matifiaint (or matifying fluid for oily skin). To avoid skin becoming shiny through the day, apply this treatment in the morning to absorb excess oil. It restores skin’s balance by regulating the production of sebum, the fatty oil produced by glands to coat hair and skin; excess sebum contributes to acne.

Annayake is a French skin care line that specializes in researching and respecting historic Japanese beauty treatments. It is dedicated to the culture’s 2000 years of traditions in using active ingredients, innovative formulas and delicate textures.

About 52, available at Douglas.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz







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