OPI GelColor

Have you ever dreamed of a world where your manicure would last two weeks without chipping, fading, or the polish losing its glossy shine?

There’s a new miracle product on the market that can deliver just this: OPI’s latest invention, GelColor, promises to last for two weeks. The 100 per cent gel formula is applied like normal nail polish. The secret lies in a special LED light box that you put your hands into to set the gel.

The process if fool-proof (though available only at select salons; try Aveda Dayspa in Amsterdam). Your manicurist will first clean your nails with OPI’s antibacterial formulas. Once nails are filed and cuticles are clipped, he or she will apply a base coat, two layers of the gel polish and a top coat.

Between each layer, you’ll put your hand into the LED machine for 30 seconds, which will magically dry and secure the colour to your nail.

The formula isn’t all-natural (no nail polishes are), but it’s free from nasty formaldehyde and won’t discolour your nails upon removal. It’s not a nail strengthener or lengthener; think of it as a regular nail polish that lasts for two magical weeks!

If your GelColor shade is black and you suddenly need red nails to match an outfit, it’s no problem. You can apply a normal base coat and polish on top of GelColor, then take it off with regular polish remover, revealing the gel shade below.

To remove the GelColor you’ll be given OPI ExpertTouch Removal Wraps which you secure over your nail for 15 minutes and voila … the colour is gone.

GelColor is currently available in 30 shades (OPI’s best-selling colours). Only select salons are carrying the product; Dayspa was the first location in the Netherlands to receive it earlier this month. Application of GelColor costs €20 extra on top of the regular manicure price.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz



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