It’s all in the bag: Muldooneys of London

Muldooneys S/S '12

What’s a woman without her bag? Nowadays it is more than a way to carry our belongings. With our bags we express our personalities, and it even evolved in working the other way around, with bags named/designed for personalities. A bag is an essential part of a woman’s daily recquisites.

Though trends on how women like their bags differ in all parts of the world. In the West we want them to be practical without too obvious detailing, but in the Middle-East, on the other hand, bags need a little extra ‘schwung’. Founder and Creative Director of Muldooneys of London, Marlene Naicker, plays with that information and creates luxurious bags made from quality materials suitable for the variable international consumer’s wishes, where colours have a distinct role in the end result  -like the copper bronze/lizzard capsule collection inspired on East meets West and Chanel’s Fall/Winter ’12 Mumbai couture designs.

We had a peek in the Muldooneys showroom in Amsterdam, and selected some of our favourite bags. For S/S ’12 colours are either bright or pastel, as seen on the international runways, and of course the ‘classics’ in black, grey or dark navy in plain leather or suede always remain in the collection.

You can purchase your own Muldooneys here.

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