Digitalistic beauty: Dr. Lipp

The harsh, dark months of a Dutch winter always do a number on our lips. Dry and chapped, they are seriously lacking some moisture and TLC. Luckily we’ve discovered Dr.Lipp

Dubbed the ‘original nipple balm for lips’,  we were certainly curious to see how this product would work. 100 per cent natural, the multipurpose balm was first created for breastfeeding mothers but can also be used for many other purposes: chapped elbows, feet, minor burns, calices, diaper rash, split ends, dry cuticles and around eyes to reduce lines.

Dr. Lipp is made from medican grade lanolin, a derivative of oil and wax produced by sheep. The furry farm animals naturally make lanolin to protect their wool from environmental elements. When safely extracted and purified, dermatologists and skincare experts agree it is one of the most effective natural beauty products available. It is both hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic, so it’s gentle and safe for users with the most sensitive of skin.

About €13 at Zuneta and Cult Beauty.

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