On the spot: Chocolate Company Amsterdam

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It’s THE solution for your chocolate cravings: the Chocolate Company. They were the first to introduce the Hotchocspoon in Holland. A block of chocolate attached to a wooden spoon that you can melt in hot milk, to make yourself some nice hot coco!

Soon discovered by other countries, the Hotchocspoons found their way to Japan, Sweden, Canada…conquering the world. It exists in at least 75(!) flavours. In combinations you might not have imagined yourself, like: Cookiecookie Matcha tea, Lemon Honey Guérande salt, Wasabi Orange Black Sesame or Banana Kikkoman Ginger (named the Sashimi), just to name a few. The ‘deluxe’ editions come with a liquid (some also ‘liquorious’) infusion, such as Maple Syrup, Mojito, Glühwein, Grand Marnier, vanilla and so on.

© The Digitalistas
© The Digitalistas

Because of the success of the Hotchocspoons and the love for chocolate in each possible shape, the line of products expands. Chocbars, mini mendiants, bonbons, chocspreads and chocdips were added to the range.

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On a tuesday afternoon we had a little tasting in the new Chocolate Company shop in Amsterdam, and we’re hooked! It’s also a good stop to relax while your shopping, or to buy some nice chocolate gifts.

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Chocolate Company Amsterdam
Haarlemmerdijk 158

Open: Mon-Sat 10:00 – 20:00 hrs
Sun: 11:00 – 19:00 hrs

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