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Supporting our local talents: Kreativ

Everything with a relation to creation or creativity catches our attention. And we strive to support our local talents in many areas, from fashion, to music, to art.

Kreativ is a platform recently (January ’11) started by Bram Post (aka DJ Mailman), Tim van Citters, Tijs Luitse and Joppe Muller, passionate for music and other creative disciplines. With this platform they aim towards an ever expanding Kreativ network to develop music, film, photography and graphic arts-projects related to events.

After organizing some events earlier this year, they managed to put Kreativ on the program of the Amsterdam Dance Event (19-22 October), which is in full throttle as we speak. Fridaynight you can experience it yourself, when Kreativ joins hands with ‘Ovum Recordings meets Pokerflat’ at The Chicago Social Club in Amsterdam. For more details, click here.

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