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How to say: Merry Christmas?

There are many ways to draw attention. Just make some noise, shout it out. Do a little dance, spin and jump. Dress funny, color your hair, wear weird glasses. Everybody wants to be different, everybody wants to be an individual. Just like companies wanna be original.

Nowadays it’s not enough to advertise in a newspaper or to place a billboard along the side of the road. Every opening or event has to be creative and innovative. Just a flyer? Kind of boring. Just cutting a ribbon or a performance of an artist? Events should be spectacular! It’s not necessary  to have tigers and lions at your event. Think big, be unpredictable. It’s nice to be surprised and impressed.

Some companies just send out some Christmas (e-)cards (Great!). Some companies set up a huge Christmas tree to celebrate the holidays (Greater!). And then there are companies who will create a smashing interactive party (Greatest!): after a great introduction of the holidays during the ‘Turn on the lights’ event in Amsterdam, de Bijenkorf in Rotterdam will organise a fairytale like Christmas projection on its facade on December 21st. At 5 PM, the entire facade of de Bijenkorf Rotterdam will be virtually unwrapped. like a huge Christmas present. Why? Just to toast on a Merry Christmas and a happy new year and celebrate it with everybody. It’s time to  get rid of the silly Christmas cards and go to de Bijenkorf in Rotterdam on December 21, 22 and 23 during the special Christmas shopping nights to see how the building gets unpacked by a 3D animation. Lets see who’s the greatest!

By Digitalisto: CommeDesLeroi

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