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‘To be seen’ accessories: headphones

Swarovski/Pioneer headphones

Besides earwarmers to keep your ears warm when it’s cold outside (check out Digi E and K’s ‘starwarmers‘), music headphones seem to be THE new accessory. We are bombarded with pressreleases about it, so this can’t be a coincidence. Here is our top 5 of cool headphones:

1.Ofcourse we need t start with THE most fashionable from the bunch: Marc by Marc Jacobs headphones. They come in pink too.

2.Our own snow white Philips/O’Neill superflexible headphones. You can even go snowboarding with these. They were launched at the same time as the film ‘Deeper’ about the extreme snowboardadventures of Jeremy Jones. If he can keep the headphones stuck on his head while making loops, that’s enough evidence. And they look cool as well. (matches with our Macbook).

3. Special Edition Hello Kitty headphones by Urban Ears. No it’s not childish. Japanese Harajuku-girls are jealouse of you. Where your Kitty with pride. Prrrrr!

4. The ‘PiiQ‘ headphones from Sony will also help you make a statement of style.

5. WESC-headphones. Because their contribution of making headphones a fashionable item.

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