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Digitalista E’s search for her own Carrie Closet

Mr. Big in the pocket: check! A big house all for herself, her Mr. Big and Mrs. Big (her fat cat): check! An extra room for all of her beautiful outfits: check! Yes, she really is THE lucky girl who will be the owner of her own walk in closet a.k.a. Carrie Closet!

It was a dream she thought it would never come true. But Digi E stayed positive and wished for it every day (Digi E is a girl of many wishes. She even put her wisdom teeth under her pillow hoping that the Tooth Fairy gave her a pair of designer heels…). And now that dream has come true! She bought a big house were she can create her own Carrie Closet. “I told my boyfriend he could hang his cloths everywhere in our house, even on the toilet if it was necessary, but NOT in my very own walk in closet,” said Digi E recently. And she was damn serious. Poor Prince charming…

Option number 1: a 3,50 meter long closet with enough room for her dresses, boyfriend blazers, pants, skirts and shoes.

Left: 3 lays for her underwear and socks, a big rail for her blazers and on top a shelve for other stuff.
Middle: enough room for her other outfits (tees etc) and her pants, on top another shelve
Right: 1 closet for her high heels!
Very right: closet for her dresses. At the bottom room for her boots. Above: another shelve for, lets say, her PJ’s.

Digitalista E is thinking of a seperate closet for her high heels only. To be continued.

You can read more about Digitalista E’s search very soon. Keep checking The Digitalistas.

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