The mysterie of the missing goodie bags

Our goodie bag picks of the whole AIFW

We really don’t know what happened during the Amsterdam International Fashion Week. But what we do know is that the goodie bags were missing…

Yes, we DO need ten mascara’s, lots of Redken hair products, Maybelline make-up and lots of other unnecessary goodies. Because we DO love them and can’t live without them (and ofcourse we can’t buy that stuff by ourselves because we’re always broke…).

Our picks of the week:
Day 1: 1 goodie bag from Iris van Herpen with a vibrating mascara and a bottle of Rosemount.
Day 2: 1 goodie bag from INDIVIDUALS with a Rituals bodylotion, Redken hairspray and really cute sweets.
Day 3: none…
Day 4: none….
Day 5: we skipped this day, because it was booooooring!

Left: Iris van Herpen. Right: INDIVIDUALS

Conclusion: we’ve found out that the last Fashion Week in January wasn’t so bad at all….

We are very, very, very and sooooooo very very very disappointed by this. We are shocked actually and very much in tears by this sad news. So a really big applause for INDIVIDUALS and Iris van Herpen for there NOT-missing goodie bags. We really  like their goodies. Keep up the good work.

Let’s hope for some great goodie bags next Fashion Week.

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