Dutch design for Barbie

Barbie loves Bas Kosters....and so do we!

After her own show during New York Fashion Week last year, Barbie took the plane and came to Holland for a new show with some of her Dutch designer friends. And because Barbie is our friend too (which girl didn’t’ play with her for hours and hours when she was little), we are still fascinated by her amazing wardrobe.

Bas Kosters, Claes Iversen, Miss Blackbirdy, Spijkers en Spijkers, Addy van den Krommenacker and SuperTrash; they all created an new outfit inspired by the perfect blond doll. The Dutch designers will show their unique outfit in department store de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam on the 10th of July as a part of Downtown Amsterdam International Fashion Week.

Only watching it is not enough of course for the biggest Barbie fans, so de Bijenkorf will also create a Barbie pop-up store were you can buy the Barbie-design by SuperTrash and some other cool gadgets. The pop-up store in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Den Haag will open on the 5th of July. Well, little grown-up girls, release the Barbie in you!

A cute, little playsuit for Barbie, designed by SuperTrash
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