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The Digitalistas Graffiti Art

When Converse invited me for a travelling event called You’re Here, I had no idea what to expect. ‘It is something with all kinds of creative acts and celebrating the spirit of self expression’, they said. Well, and because we love creative people, Digitalista M. took the bus to Antwerp and party AND painted all night long with some cool, relaxed, and above al creative people!

Beer, Prosecco, some crazy Vice-people and karaoke; welcome to a long bus trip to Antwerp! At 10 p.m. we arrived at a very underground, old, industrial building on a small island in the city harbour of Antwerp. The people from Converse about this location: ‘When we saw this place, we immediately felled in love. The open spaces, broken windows, white walls and old floors; this is exactly what the party is about!’

Downstairs they created all kind of creative experiences. Number painting on the wall (the draw was made by a young artist), graffiti workshops and you could also paint your own bag. With together of course, some nice music and a lot of free drinks. We felt like little children in a candy shop! We painted, and painted and painted for hours and had so much fun!

Upstairs, Converse created a platform for young and local musicians. Rock bands, DJ’s, and a British kind of trash-pop; we danced ‘till late in the morning. And then it was time to go back to Holland. You can imagine, the journey back was a lot more quiet…

About the event
Converse You’re here is travelling event series celebrating creativity and the spirit of self expression. After kicking off in Berlin in January and making its way across Europe via Paris and Lisbon, CONVERSE YOU’RE HERE is coming to ANTWERP, Belgium!

Antwerp is dripping with fresh, new creative acts and YOU’RE HERE is Converse’s way to shine the light on them. For example: Ulrike Biets (photographer), Olivier Donnet (photographer), Girls From Omsk (fashion), JangoJim (illustrator), Toykyo (street art), Tex Taiwan, Blanche & Bietnik, Paniekzaaier & Sickboy (DJ’s).

 We will take over a derelict space in the city harbour (Het Eilandje) and turn it into a temporary artistic showcase. By joining in you will interact with street art, photography, creative workshops, fashion installations, live music performances and skate jam sessions.

Art on the wall

Number painting

Look how easy!
My new, custom made it-bag!

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