Digitalistic: Kristin Cavallari for Asos

Kristin Cavallari for Asos magazine

The b*tch is back! We heard that line before. Did it not also appear in Gossip Girl when Georgina came back? Well, for anyone that has been following MTV reality soap the Hills, we all know Kristin Cavallari…Lauren Conrad’s biggest rival. Especially when it comes to men. But we do like Kristin. At least she has some attitude to spice up things down there in LA. She’s digitalistic!

And she also spiced up the cover of ASOS magazine. The online retailer asked her to model for the magazine, but also make a selection of her ASOS favorites. We like!

'Hot chick' Kristen for

Just like Kristin we fancy this sexy silver dress above.

And Digitalista K. does not totally agree with Kristin’s comment below:

Kristin C for ASOS

Digitalista K: Well Krissie, I am 164 cm, not that tall either, but just like you I can’t complain about my figure, so except for clothes that are long (they can be shortened by the way), WHY shouldn’t anything that looks good on a model not look good on us??? We can also wear heels without looking like a giant!!!

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