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Great concept by The Cool Hunter: McFancy

McFancy by The Cool Hunter Access

At the start of the new year, The Cool Hunter will be launching ‘Access’: A dedicated entity that will continue their work of creating highly original, transformational, yet eminently practical and results-oriented strategies for companies to stage the kinds of offline brand experiences that will increase the economic value of their offering.

You really have to see this great concept they’ve come up with: McFancy, an upmarket temporary McDonald’s store that launches at Fashion Weeks around the globe — London, New York, Paris, Milan, Sydney, Hong Kong.

Think of your favourite burger wrapped in a Burberry package, Hermès or Gucci fries or a sundae icecream in a Paul Smith carton! We’re lovin’ it!

Burberry Burgers and Paul Smith Sundaes. Lovin' it!

An Amsterdam based design firm, UXUS, was comissioned to design the interiors of the McFancy private dining areas, complete with silver service and waiters in tuxedos.

McFancy private dining room

It’s one of the most interesting and realizable concepts as seen in years, and we think it would work very well, since there’s always a lack of food during Fashion Weeks. We frequently visited the McDonalds during London Fashion Week, always in a hurry, running from a show to our hotel, or from our hotel to a fashion party. We’d rather had our burger and fries in a classy private dining room, fashionably wrapped.

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