Toets "Enter" om naar de inhoud te gaan

Enter The Loft

theloft1The Loft is an amazing ‘pop up’ showroom slash apartment at the Singel in Amsterdam. It’s the second edition, as the first edition last Summer proved itself successful.

The moment you walk into the loft you just want to stay there and never leave again. You just get overwhelmed by all the beautiful, inspirational and luxurious things in this place.
Everything is handpicked and amazingly put together. All of the items in the loft are for sale, even the books on the bedside table.

I was the most drawn to the bed standing next to the huge windows overlooking the canals. It looked so comfortable and romantic.
They also had some framed butterflies that I would love to have in my house and also the large standing pheasant feathers by Lola & Kate are so cool! You can also find these at Six & Sons.

theloft4 theloft2

During the time that the Loft is open there are also a few inspiring events happening here, like movienights, poker evenings, dinner clubs and high teas.

The Loft is only open until the 4th of January, so make sure you find some time to visit it before it closes. This is also a great place to cure your New Years’ hangover with a cup of tea or coffee ;)

If you are not able to visit the Loft,  you can check out #entertheloft on instagram and get inspired! If you have found something you like, you can go to, the webshop where many of the items as displayed in The Loft are available.

theloft3 theloft5

Address: Singel 512-3
1017 AX Amsterdam

Mon – Sat 10.00 till 18.00
Sun 12.00 till 18.00

Text: Annelieke van der Heijden