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Kiehl’s Travel Tested Set

TravelTested_MoisturizerHeading on holiday? I’m already starting to think about my November trip to Vietnam, and wondering how I’ll simplify my beauty routine for our big adventure. (When you have to carry everything on your own back, it makes you think about how much you actually need).

I think I’ve found my solution at Kiehl’s, which has created a special travel-size kit of skincare products.


The kit comes with a travel-size 24/7 activated moisturizer, refreshing facial mist, eucalyptus lip relief and “first class” purifying hand treatment. 

It’s no secret hat spending time on airplanes can dehydrate skin, thanks to low humidity, low air pressure and recycled air. The relative humidity on and airplane is below 10% for more of the trip, which is as dry as the desert!  

It leaves skin stressed, thirsty and extra sensitive, even for days after being on a plane as jetlag sets in. Kiehl’s travel tested products have been designed to restore skin’s natural balance, in addition to anti-microbial properties that defend skin against bacteria.

Ingredients like Tibetan ginseng and cactus flower extract work to constantly hydrate and replenish skin’s moisture, while essential oils like rosemary and lavender also protect against dehydration.


The products are for face, hands and lips, complete in a handy little set that’s approved size to be brought on a plane.


Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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