My Trip to Meraki

photo 3After all the sun, sand and chlorine I’ve subjected my hair to over recent summer months, it was in major need of some help. Cue my makeover chez Meraki, a salon located in The Conservatorium Hotel.

As a Meraki first-timer, I opted for an  “intense ceremony,” which is essentially a hair washing treatment that’s on a whole new level.  Meraki uses products from the Japanese label Shu Uemera – which is fantastic, for those of you who don’t know it – and the ceremony is completely inspired and influenced by Japanese rituals.

photo 2

The ceremony begins with a hair consultation for your stylist to assess what your locks are lacking. In my case (as my embarrassing ‘before’ photo suggests), I needed some soothing moisture and tamed-down volume.

photo 1

My stylist started with a hair wash and utterly miraculous scalp massage which was about 15 minutes of pure bliss. Let me emphasize: I’ve NEVER had a hair wash like this! Shampoo was applied using a traditional Japanese sponge, which felt wonderful.

After a warm rinse, my hair was coated with a special Shu Uemera oil masque, applied using another style of Japanese brush. My stylist patiently coated my hair and then twisted it in sections, in order to fuse the oil into my hair even more.

Cue the ringing of the gong! I dozed off for a few minutes while the masque soaked in, but came back to life (refreshed and rejuvenated) for a final hair wash.

photo 5

Afterwards, I had a spectacular blow-out that’s worthy of an applause. I was primed and ready for a girls night out – and did I ever feel good with my hair looking so gorgeous!

photo 4

The Meraki setting is super chic – think lots of black and white – though cozy and unpretentious at the same time.

photo 3

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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