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NX300 Speed: Bring out your vote!

Samsung_nx300speed1The contest related to the ‘Speedy Thingy‘ with the Samsung NX300 camera I did a few weekends ago is live! Vote for my pics and win a trip to Paris to meet the world’s fastest man: Usain Bolt.

Click on the button on the right (or on this link) to enter your votes. It doesn’t say The Digitalistas, but you’ll find my pictures under Karine. I’ve added some pictures to this post that are not part of the contest selection but that might convince you to vote for me.

Using this camera during these challenges made me think about perfecting my photography skills, because despite the ‘speedy’ character of the pictures we were assigned to take (and them not being fashion-related) I am actually very pleased with the results.

All images taken with the Samsung NX300 ©Karine Bloem/The Digitalistas







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