Snap Happy

photo 2New in: an Essie nail polish in the fabulous hue “Snap Happy.”

Essie is a cult favourite amongst nail polish addicts, not only because of the brand’s stunning range of colours, but also because the shades genuinely stay strong and shiny for days. Normally my polish chips within 24 hours (though doing dishes by hand doesn’t help), but with Essie I’m guaranteed at least a few days of solid polish 3

Despite being from Essie’s Winter ’12 collection “Snap Happy” is a must-have shade heading into Spring ’13. It’s fresh and cheery, though absolutely classic at the same time. I love the bright orange undertone, which will be perfect when beach weather finally arrives! It’s ultra glossy and thick; one coat gave great coverage, and a second layer sealed the deal.

So, are you ready to go snap happy?

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

photo 4


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