PFW video: Kenzo

Kenzo‘s star is rising with their immensely popular key pieces previous seasons (you know which ‘sweater’ I’m referring to), and they keep up the good work.

‘They’, being Humberto Leon and Carol Lim. The talented design team showed a collection which found its origin in gros-grain ribbons from the archives and the many inspirations of India, a country they love to visit.

A sacred eye -a special symbol in some countries to protect one of bad spirits- replaced the oh so very known tiger on a rigid, boxy sweater.

With their ‘eye’ for the current trends and some street savvy fashionistas in their midst (MIA and Delphina Delletrez Fendi) to provide for music and jewellery, Leon and Lim will have a new guaranteed hit for Fall season.

Watch the show in the video below for more impressions of the collection and the amazing location (the old La Samaritaine department store):

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