Cointreau on the go à la Dita


At our most recent Cointreau Rendez-Vous, we had the chance to meet Dita von Teese‘s latest creation for the French spirit brand; her own ‘My Cointreau Evening’-bag.

Since it is a fast growing trend to go have drinks at a friends place, this is the perfect bag to tag along with you. Why? Because it has the right content to guarantee a stylish, and Cointreauversial evening

Dita’s ‘My Cointreau Evening’  -which is inspired on the Hermès Kelly bag- houses a 0,35 L bottle of Cointreau of course, but also a vintage cocktail spoon, a measuring cup (jigger) and some  surprising ingredients…Dita carefully chose 3 spices (ginger, cinnamon and sweet pepper) to add pizazz to the cocktails. You’ll also find a teabag hidden in a classy powder box, because -however unexpected- tea makes a delicious combination with Cointreau, fresh mint and ice cubes.

To make sure the bag is a limited edition, only about 300 of them are available worldwide and we were lucky enough to get hold of one!

In Dita’s words: “My bag is elegant and bewitching! It has what it takes to create the unpredictable, which is exactly what I love …”

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