Music & Memories

Music makes you remember of the good (and the bad!) things in life.

How cool would it be to make a music chart out of the best musical memories? Dutch mobile phone provider HI comes up with the Hi Flashback Top100 to vote on your ultimate musical memory. Think of your first kiss, a memorable holiday with your friends or the song your boyfriend proposed to you. Just name it! Mod-October the 100 most votes tracks will be published in Spotify for you to listen to everywhere you go.

Dutch rapper Dio was the first to hand in his ultimate musical memory. It was ‘Viervoeters’ from Dutch rap group Extince which he’ll never forget: “When I was listening to this song I realized that rapping in Dutch wasn’t so bad at all. It was cool! So I started to make raps in Dutch too.”

From all the entries rapper Dio picks out one song to customize it to a new one. This ode to the most beautiful musical flashback is free to download (also on your mobile phone) at Spotify from the end of October. Who knows it will be a number one hit too..

Sing up in here What your most favourite musical memory?!
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