Costume National: SO NUDE

CoSTUME NATIONAL is a designerlabel known for its classic modernism and conceptual touch. Part of the brand are the exclusive scents. In September CN will release its new fragrance SO NUDE. And we had a preview. Or shall we say ‘pre-scent’?

Based on the neutral colour palette -and its key color ‘nude’- the scent is presented like a bare essential, a second skin, an art which CoSTUME NATIONAL cultivates like no other in their designs. A quote by William Blake underlines the concept: “Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed.”

Designer and Creative Director Ennio Capasa was very involved in every phase of the fragrance’s development, especially the design and packaging of the bottle. He sculpts the bottles himself. The result is an organic ‘nude’ bottle representing a woman’s naked body. Also for the package a silky paper has been chosen to reflect the softness of bare skin.

For the actual fragrance, Dominique Ropion took on the challenge in collaboration with Capasa to interprete the message of a sophisticated, independent and strong woman in a timeless, spicy/floral perfume. The fragrance opens with mystery by the spicy topnotes consisting of Cardamom LMR* and cumin (this one surprised us, because we’re not so fond of the sharp and prominent olfactory effect it has when it is used in cooking), surrounded by te delicacy of neroli. The floral heart evolves around ylang ylang LMR*, damascena rose, and tuberose to enhance the elegance and sensuality. To create depth, a warm base of ‘woody’ notes like virginian cedarwood, pathouli LMR* and sandalwood were chosen.

For the campaign model Alyona Subbotina (Marilyn agency) has been captured on camera film, for a realistic, raw and grainy image. No retouching was applied.

CoSTUME NATIONAL SO NUDE will be available at selected selling points, such as Le Printemps in Paris, Selfridges in London and Barney’s in New York. In the Netherlands three exclusive shops will propose the fragrance: Babassu (spa), Cloud 9 and District 9 in Amsterdam.

100 ml € 109
50 ml € 80
30 ml € 57

LMR*= a labaratory situated in Grasse (France), specialized in extracting natural raw materials by using craftmanship technique. Therefore, it’s productions are rare, fine nd represent the best quality one can find in the market.
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