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Not every girl hangs a few kilograms around her neck just for the fun of it. Well, Digi E. does to make some gorgeous snapshots. But for everyone else with a tender neck and an eye for photography, there is this cute camera.

The Olympus VH-210 mixes high technology and professional photography with fashion and beauty. Available in many fancy colors such as lime green, pink, orange and purple AND with extra beauty modus. This function adds make-up to the person you photograph: think of extra blush, mascara or red lips. In a wink! You can even transform your picture into a 3D image, or add some great color filters to your snapshots. That’s what we call a camera.

Love the names too: Apple Red, Grape Purple, Apricot Orange, Lychee White, Kiwi Green en Black Berry. For men it’s a big laugh, but for us: it’s heaven. The Olympus VH-210 costs €89. Want it!





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