Parker’s got a new pen

Do you remember in the old days at school when you were only allowed to write with ink pens? It was always so messy, and even if it was supposed to improve our handwriting, once we could write with ball pens, we threw the ink pens away without regret. Now Parker has developed a new generation of pens; it combines the ‘chic’ of an ink pen, but it is actually a fine writer, based on the Parker 5th Technology.

This innovative writing system is not only a technological breakthrough, it is also a must-have example of contemporary accessory design.

The Parker Ingenuity Collection has been created for exclusive use with the Parker 5TH Technology; this collection of unparalleled style and elegance makes this writing system the ultimate accessory for today’s stylish man and woman.

The daring mix of Metal and texturized soft-touch Rubber effect with ring detailing offers a breakthrough pen design that references the latest trend in the prestigious watch industry. The subtle and feminine iridescent Pearl Lacquer finish echoes themes from luxury jewellery this season. Whilst the sandblasted deep metallic Pink Gold PVD finish is inspired by the latest looks in high-end cosmetic trends. Other up-to-the-minute designs in the collection include a bold and sleek Chrome PVD finish as well as classic and timeless Black Lacquer.

No more smudging and leaking ink with this stylish and innovative pen. And even though we live in a digitalized era nowadays, it kind of feels nice to pull out a beautiful pen and leave your signature.

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