Kate Logan Beauty

Have you ever heard of a company that offers bespoke skincare solution? Kate Logan is a UK-based skincare specialist who creates products and potions that are perfectly tailored to your skin’s needs. The goods are truly natural products – I’m talking 100 per cent, no garbage added – which means they have an expiration date since chemicals don’t prolong the shelf-life.

After years of trying to calm her own highly sensitive and temperamental skin, Kate began researching the products, facials and alternative therapies that could help – with no luck. Discouraged, she decided to take action and create her own solution.

“I set a goal to create a simple skincare range that was entirely natural – no chemicals, no artificial ingredients, just simple, gentle products to heal and soothe the skin,” Logan says. “Each product is a deceptively simple blend of pure, plant based ingredients that are naturally power-packed to create a wonderfully soothing treatment.”

Today, Kate Logan is one of the most celebrated new beauty brands in the UK. Every single product sold has been made (by hand!) by Kate, specifically for the client’s needs. Begin by filling out Kate’s Beauty Prescription, which asks specialized questions about your own skin so she devise the best plan possible. I recently did this and received an amazing 1,400-word response packed with information about ways I can improve my skincare regime. She recommended a slew of products that will be essential to naturally readjusting and revamping my personal skincare regime. When my order arrived, it was beautifully packaged, each bottle wrapped with a list of its ingredients and how to use it for optimal results. There’s also an exhilaration date on each item, so you know when best to use it before it goes off.

Given the level of cancer-causing chemical and preservative additives put into beauty products today, it’s astonishing people everywhere aren’t more interested in natural solutions. If you’re ready to take on a more holistic approach to skincare, Kate Logan will coach you through the process – and prove that natural products truly work!

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