Man on a mission

Founder of DON

Today it’s World Diabetic Day. And we think it’s a pretty good idea to raise a little bit of attention to this world treathening disease. With the little help of Dutchman Maarten de Gruyter.

Together with a few Dutch celebrities, organization DON (Diabetes Onderzoek Nederland) pays attention to the increasing amount of diabetics by organizing golf tournaments, events and dinners to enroll new donors. Founded by Maarten de Gruyter and run by a group of enthousiastic people, DON raised more than 2,5 million euro for research the last 5 years!

Last September they organized a beach party in Scheveningen. Lounging against diabetes with dj’s such as Erick E, Frederik Abas and Prosper Rek and special guest appeareances by Dutch rapper Lange Frans and DON ambassador Michiel Borstlap. It was a huge success.

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