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From blog to website: Tavi is no Rookie

© Tavi Gevinson

She has grown up. No longer the geekie 13-year old kiddo sitting front row, but a 15-year old adolescent who cares less about fashion than you would think. She named her website ‘Rookie’, after her blog Style Rookie. But Tavi ain’t a rookie no more.

Today she’s running her own business, has actual ‘employees’: “You know, women and girls are taught to ask for things in a way that’s kind of especially shy or especially careful. But when we’re working on deadlines, it’s become easier for me to just, like, straight-up ask for things and say that there’s something I would like to be fixed in some article. And everyone’s a feminist and understands our crazy schedule so…”. She considers herself more a feminist than a fashionista: “I get kind of sad when I look at all of my magazines and think about how at one time I was much more impressed with a certain fashion editorial, or how I feel like I can’t really relate to being that excited about fashion anymore.”

Tavi stays true to herself, and wants full control. She even decided not to be incorporated in Say Media, that owns XO Jane, her mentor, Jane Pratt’s website.

You can read more of an interview with Tavi on and on
Take a look at Tavi’s new website here.

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