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Let’s get Aussiefied

Love that hair

We don’t recommend this shampoo during summer, because we think lots of bees will like it too. But as we NEVER have a real summer in Holland, we’re definitely want to get AUSSIEFIED!

Lovely pr lady Iris invited us for the launch of Aussie, a new brand in our country but not so new outside. The brand exists for almost thirty years (OMG! What did we miss all those years!?). And in those years founder Tom Redmond never changed the ingredients: different fruits and authentic herbals. Aussie won many hair style awards in the past.

The Aussie hair styling line includes 14 different shampoos and conditioners with the 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor as a showpiece. The result: smoothy hair, just the way we like. Available at Etos for € 6.99.

* During the writing of this article the press release we got from Iris even smelt lovely!

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