Don’t panic, it’s organic!

OAT, shoes that bloom

Ever thought of wearing shoes that you can put into the dirt legally?!? Well, we’ve found some for you. OAT shoes – established by Dutch designer Christiaan Maats – are the most ecofabulous sneakers we’ve ever seen. And flowers will grow out of them eventually after you throw them away (into the dirt for instance). After a few raindrops (and days) the sneakers will bloom. Literally!

So many brands, so many fashion, so many unhealthy ingredients and ethical problems… As OAT says: “Mother Earth’s losing her temper.” What to do? Just think. Where do my shoes come from? Do they come from some kind of Asian factory where little children work their **** off for a ridiculous pay check. Or from a factory that uses chemicals for production? Never thought of that too, right? It’s true: we don’t ever think of that. Maybe until now.

The seeds of the flowers – mostly red wildflowers – are embedded in the tongue of the sneaker. After you burried them the flowers will grow after a few days, the sneaker will biodegrade eventually in a few months.

OAT shoes from the Virgin collection
OAT shoes from the Virgin collection

OAT shoes are available in four different colors (yellow, blue, green, pink) from € 139. Go green, it ain’t scary. Can’t wait to throw them away.

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