Pimp your pug part II

Posh it!
Posh it!

Us Digitalistas like food – especially hamburgers, macaroons and cupcakes – hot bands – like Les Plastiscines – everything from Marc Jacobs, designer shoes – Digitalista K. recently bought a pair of Margiela ankle boots – hot male models – we heart Baptiste! – and Kate Moss. But what we also adore are cute, pretty terrible adorable … pugs!

We felt in love with them since we say them during the Mulberry fashion show at the London Fashion Week last year (check out the pics in here). And after wards we saw the same pugs in Notting Hill (for real!), wandering around with just the two of them, pieing around and making fun of themselves. Since then we would love to adopt a pug – or two – some day.

And IF we do, we would take them to Harrods, London, and give them the treatment they deserve.

Don’t laugh. Shoe designer Partick Cox does the same. We say: pug-a-licious!!

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