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When fashion people go mad…

@ the H&M flagship store opening
@ the H&M flagship store opening

… The Digitalistas stay cool! We’re just back from the H&M flagship store opening where the Lanvin for H&M collection was already for sale. Just one word: craziness..

We thought it was pretty embarrassing seeing all those people fighting for there Lanvin outfits. And the fact that you will risk the horrifying thought of going to a fashion party and see at least 10 other fashion people with the same dress on. No thanks.

So, what did we buy?!?

Digitalista E.

There are a few things you will never, ever, ever (and ever!) see Digitalista E. do.

1. Get drunk.

2. buy a fake Chanel bag.

3. grabbing for clothes.

She got home with a cute brown blazer and fluffy ear warmers. Not a single Lanvin item. But if she really has the need to wear Lanvin, she can borrow some from her sister. Digi E’s brother in law bought 5 things for her. How handy is that?

Digitalista K.

She scored a gorgeous Lanvin clutch. And a bunny from H&M Home…

Digitalista M.

We’re very proud of her: she didn’t buy anything. The Lanvin for H&M madness didn’t influence her. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

For all you people who are out there tomorrow: go for it. Let us know what you’ve got.

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