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Digitalista E’s search for her very own Carrie Closet part II

Carrie Closet

Mr Big in the pocket: check! A big house all for herself, her Mr. Big and Mrs Big (her big fat cat): check! An extra room for all of her beautiful outfits: check! Yes, she really is THE lucky girl who will be IS the owner of her own walk in closet a.k.a. Carrie Closet!

Just one and a half month ago she got the key of her very first house. And at day one she and Mr. Big went to IKEA to buy the closet. There were some problems, because her 3.50 meters long closet didn’t fit in the room (OH DEAR GOD!!), so she had to ‘kill’ 0,50 meters. She’s still in tears…

Above you can see the first phase. Still looking pretty, right? And also pay attention to the lovely floor. That’s the reason why Digi E can’t buy designer shoes anymore. For a very, very, very long time….

Keep on checking our blog to find out more about Digi E’s Carrie Closet!

– Carrie Closet phase 1 –

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  1. Tess september 30, 2010

    lovin’ the Carrie Closet! VERY JEALOUS!

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