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Rag doll Anna and Grace

Playing with barbiedolls is so 2009! If I have a daughter one day I would want her to play with Anna and Grace. Well, not with the real ones, but with the rag dolls. One’s fashion education can never start too early.

Barneys New York commissioned the Brooklyn-based artist Andrew Yang to make these one-of-kind, hand-sewn, hand-painted rag-doll replicas of Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington, to celebrate Fashion’s Night Out on September 10. It took Yang only two weeks, but they were still quite challenging: “I had to special-order Anna’s wig and cut it myself to get the bob right,” Mr. Yang says. “And Grace’s hair was the right color, but it needed a perm.”

Both Anna and Grace will be auctioned via Charity Buzz, for the benefits of the New York Aids Fund on August 31st.

Source: The Moment

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