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The blogger-boys

There are not that much models blogging. With the exception of Coco Rocha. And that’s a pity, because they have interesting lives. They work with designers and photographers, they travel a lot, meet fascinating people. It’s probably more exciting to read about their adventures than to read that my neighboor has boiled an egg…So thank God for the boys! At least they take the time to give us a peek in their model lives.

Well, okay, maybe that Cesar (love the title of his blog: You know you can’t Rome without Cesar), Sen, Lyle (Lyle even has two blogs!) and Noma (has a collective blog with two fellow models) aren’t THE most famous male models, but it gives them an identity. They show that they are more than a pretty face.

When is Baptiste Giabiconi starting a blog? Don’t keep us waiting there B.!

(Source: Refinery 29)

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