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Vintage treasures at flea market Amsterdam

Flee market Amsterdam

Digitalista E. visited the flea market in Amsterdam. And she found some great vintage treasures!

Last time she scored a real Marc by Marc Jacobs T-shirt in the Jordaan (a neighbourhood in Amsterdam) at Queensday. Unfortunately she couldn’t find Marc anywhere at the flea market of this morning (bummer!). But what did she find? A Chanel lookalike jacket with golden buttons (“How much? Five euro, you mean really F-I-V-E euro??? Not, fifty?!? My god!!!” Digitalista E. felt a little bit like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the city 2 ), a cute Sex and the city dress with polkadots, a sexy leopard scarf and a funny T-shirt with a scissor from German designer Starstyling. Turns at to be a really cool brand.

Studded bag, Prada bag and Mart Visser pants!
Lotte (at the left) scored sunglasses of Dutch celebrity Birgit Schuurman!
More vintage treasures
Digi E's vintage treasures!

With a bag full of clothes, very wet hair (it was raining. ALL DAY LONG!), a belly full of ‘poffertjes’ (a Dutch delight!) and lots of coffee she went home satisfied.

Flea market Amsterdam. See you next month!

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