Toets "Enter" om naar de inhoud te gaan

Tavi keeps pulling it off…

Imagine being a 13-year old and already being invited to New York Fashion week, where everyone is blown away by your precociousness, and your fresh look on fashion that comes along with that. It wouldn’t have been possible in our younger days when the internet did not exist yet.

After New York Fashion Week Tavi got invited to Tokyo for the show of Comme des Garçons, came along for the Rodarte/Target fotoshoot (see the video above) and now she scored a column for Harper’s Bazaar, where she reviews the Spring/Summer 2010 fashionshows, being the youngest writer in history for the magazine.

What are we doing wrong here? Too bad we can’t make ourselves look like a savvy 13-year old, but hopefully we’ll pull it off someday too! (in the near future that is…)

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