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On Dutch TV Tonight: Tommy Hilfiger presents Ironic, Iconic America

Screenshot from Ironic, Iconic America

If you’re planning on staying in tonight, there is an interesting documentary to watch. ‘Ironic, Iconic America’ was initiated by Tommy Hilfiger and was inspired on the book: “A Roller Coaster Ride Through The Eye-Popping Panorama Of American Pop Culture, from Tommy Hilfiger and George Lois.

Performer/multimedia-artist/poet/storyteller Rives and supermodel Bar Rafaeli take you on a trip through American beauty, fashion, love & sex, design, food and much more…

The documentary throws a light on an unknown side of the American culture in all her eccentricities; unusual relations between, people, places and things, and makes connections in the most surprising, entertaining and exceptional ways.

From Buffalo New York to Catalina Island, from Andy Warhol to Barbie, it shows American popculture as an all-embracing web spun by the observations and adventures of the two hosts.

Tonight Ironic, Iconic America Part 1 will be broadcasted on RTL 5 22.20, and next monday December 14th Part 2, at 22.20 also

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