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Eat yourself beautiful: Collagen Marshmallows

Eat yourself beautiful!

It’s getting cold outside. The perfect time for hot coco and roasted marshmallows. But be careful what you might be roasting…

We should actually start a list of things beautyproduct-developers come up with. It gets crazier every day…Eating-yourself-beautiful-food-and-drinks are not new. Especially with ingredients like anti-oxidants and all. That’s all natural, and even looks healthy most of the time. But now this: ‘collagen marshmallows‘??? Marshmallow is candy, not so healthy in my opinion, and now they have added collagen peptide for a younger looking skin. OMG, what’s wrong with the world?

Okay, it’s a fun and tasty way to help yourself getting a wrinkle-free skin. Rather marshmallows than botox I guess! And it only costs £3,85  at Harvey Nichols.

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