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A closer look: Steven Meisel's Twitpic editorial

Following the Meiselpic!

It was well spread around the international blogs: Steven Meisel’s Twitpic editorial for the Italian Vogue. A very daring initiative, but right on the spot concerning the rising popularity of social media communities in the world of fashion.

Hilarious text!

We made ourselves ‘followers’ of the Meiselpic and selected some of our favourites…

Our favourite Meiselpics

Sessilee Lopez on a Cig Break, Gisele B√ľndchen getting dressed (was she pregnant yet??), Sasha Pivovarova playing it Chanel-cool, and let’s not forget our girl Aggy!!!

Our girl Aggy!!!


  1. Smoke Assassin maart 11, 2010

    Am I able to generate results immediately or will it take some time to show up?

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