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What’s all that fuzz about?

New blog from Chifff!!
New blog from Chifff!!

Perhaps you missed all the fuzz about Miranda Kerr. When you’re familiar with the fashion/celeb scene or just a sucker for tabloids, that would be quite impossible, but I’ll help you out. This Australian Victoria’s Secret model (sometimes better known as the girlfriend of hottie Orlando Bloom) was the talk of the day this week. Witnessed during a photo shoot for the Australian Grazia, peeps were appalled by missy Kerr’s appearance.  She looked shockingly thin!

What could be the reason for the Australian’s sudden weight loss? The formerly curvaceous model’s rib bones could clearly be seen as she posed on a rooftop. The paparazzi had their story; Kerr was trying to make the transition from commercial to high fashion model, and to the gossip journalists this appeared to be the reason for her dramatic weight loss. The pretty model tells that’s all crap. Kerr says she hasn’t lost any weight and she blames it on the exaggerated poses for the shoot, which made her appear thinner than normal.

The truth will lie somewhere in between, but that’s not why I brought this story up. I had to think about something similar which happened to… me! Well, I might not be some well-known supermodel, or date a famous actor, but it turns out that a lot of people suddenly have an opinion about you when you lose some weight.

I wasn’t exactly Tyra Banks in her heavy weight period but after a life without any diet ever, this summer I felt the urge to lose a few pounds. Just to see if I was able to. And of course, to feel a little bit more secure in my bikini at the beach in the South of France. With a little help from (the guide of) a diet guru I managed to lose that few pounds, may be even some more than I’d hoped for. And I felt certainly secure, running up and down the beach in my bikini. Too bad no one warned me that the same bikini would be a size too big after that weight loss!

Another effect I didn’t expect to happen; a lot of people surrounding me just had to tell me their thoughts about my tiny-little-transformation. Of course I liked the “wow, you look so great” remarks. Who wouldn’t?! But, how about “ouch, your arms seem a bit anorectic to me”, “please be careful, don’t get too skinny sis, I can almost count your ribs” and “I liked you better with a few pounds more”?? There was even a friend of a friend saying about me “oh my, I never knew that she was such a pretty girl!”. Damn, I’m so freaking glad I’m not that supermodel, or girlfriend of a famous actor. If my friends & family exaggerate like this, what would the tabloids do to me!?

Just to set the record straight: you can’t count my ribs (silly bro), my arms sure as hell don’t look anorectic and my friends are sweet but a bit cuckoo. And I still looooove chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, tiramisu, muffins, French fries, cheeseburgers, milkshakes and lots of raspberry mojito’s. Winter (aka the season without bikinis but with big sweaters) is coming up, so just bring on the hot chocolate with whipped cream!

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