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Catch of the day: Fruitalicious by Marc Jacobs

Really nice pendants
Really nice pendants

Pretty meets functional in these cute Marc Jacobs pendants.

While shopping I bumped into these tiny fruit watch pendants and I completely fell in love. No wonder I bought one, for the price of $350. These are in the collectors edition of MJ’s latest line of Marc by Marc Jacobs watches. So I guess the price it’s acceptable. I mean it’s just enough bling bling. It’s a watch, it’s a necklace and it’s Marc Jacobs! What more do you need?

I personally don’t like to wear a watch, because I’m one of those annoying people who is permanently attached to their mobile phones and always glance at the screen, at any time. But for this MbyMJ line I make an exception. I like it that the fruit pendants are elegant and small, but just about big enough to keep an eye at the time. The chain is a safe sterling silver, so you don’t get a red and blotchy skin when you’re allergic to a lot of nickel-based material.

The watch comes in fun shapes like hearts, stars, other kinds of fruits (a pear and cherries) and a guitar. I might start getting to places on time while looking super chic.

Thank you Danique Hoofdwijk for writing this article!

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